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Cartmel College
Barker House Farm

Welcome to Cartmel College, we are one of eight undergraduate colleges at Lancaster University. At Cartmel we are proud to foster a strong inclusive community spirit. Year after year we are a popular choice with Lancaster Freshers thanks to our high standard accommodation, extensive college facilities, sporting prowess and diverse social calendar.

The College SCR (College staff) and JCR Exec (Students’ Union committee) work hard to make sure your experience of Cartmel is the best it can be. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

A brief introduction to Cartmel

Cartmel College was founded in 1968 and was originally based in what is now known as County South. In 2003, the College decided to take up the exciting opportunity to relocate to the new South West campus. Cartmel shares South West campus with its neighbours, Pendle, Lonsdale and Graduate Colleges. Cartmel is fortunate to have some of the best college facilities of campus as well as the highest standard of on-campus accommodation.

At the centre of Cartmel is Barker House Farm, a spacious complex which incorporates former historic farm buildings. Barker House Farm contains The Winning Post (the College bar), study facilities, the College common room and other facilities. Cartmel College’s popular Superior En-suite accommodation blocks encircle Barker House Farm.

Due to our location on South West campus, Cartmel is surrounded by grassland perfect for enjoying the Lancaster sun, fresh air and impressive views of the surrounding hills and countryside. The combination of our location, facilities and spirit means Cartmel truly is a family.

Cartmel College has one of the most distinctive identities on campus. The official college colours are burgundy and grey or officially, ‘stone’ and ‘plonk’. The college emblem is the griffin. Unlike other colleges, we have designated ourselves a college pose, the Ertz. The college is named after the Cartmel peninsula and village. The picturesque village is home to the Cartmel Racecourse and the 12th Century Cartmel Priory.

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