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Block Number: 51
Block Rep: Katherine Sturt-Scobie (Women’s Sport Officer)
Block Structure: 8 flats with 8 rooms spread over 4 floors

Quirky Randomness: Residents of Flookburgh go by the name of “The Flookies”


Flookburgh is an ancient village on the Cartmel peninsula in northern England. Being close to Morecambe Bay, fishing plays a big part in its village life. Cockle and shrimp fishermen still venture out onto the sands every day, nowadays using specially adapted tractors.

Flookburgh is also home to the Lakeland Willow water company, the famous Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding is made in Flookburgh and Cark airfield (which is actually in Flookburgh) is home to the North West Parachute Centre and is the place where the Annual Steam Gathering takes place.

Latterly, Flookburgh has become more of a centre for tourism as a number of large caravan sites have attracted increasing numbers of visitors to the area. At the end of Moor Lane, approximately £4 million has been spent in recent years fortifying the sea wall to ensure that the nearby Lakeland Leisure Park is not flooded.