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We are extremely lucky in Cartmel to have a very high standard of on-campus accommodation. There are 11 blocks, or houses as they are often called. Most flats have 8 study bedrooms, with one shared kitchen, although there are a small number of flats with only 6 bedrooms. Every room in Cartmel has its own en-suite shower room. Flats are normally mixed gender (although single sex can be chosen in the accommodation application if that is what you wish), and usually shared between some freshers and some continuing students.

Playing cards

Each block has it’s own block rep. The block rep is a member of the JCR Exec who is responsible for ensuring that the members of their block are informed about JCR events such as socials, sporting events and other important news.

To assist the block reps during Freshers’ Week, and to ensure that everyone settles in as quickly as possible, you will also meet your flat rep (sometimes called a kitchen rep)- hopefully on Arrivals Day! These are friendly students who want to help you make the transition to university life, and Cartmel College! They’ll be about to help and answer questions during Freshers’ Week and for the first few weeks of term.

When you meet them they should give you some contact details should you be in need of some urgent advice or if there is something you need to know and cannot wait until they next pop around. If your flat rep cannot help, then chances are they will know someone who will, so don’t worry about asking stupid questions – they too probably asked the same during their Freshers’ Week!

Hopefully by the time your flat rep disappears you won’t notice as you will be enjoying yourself too much and settled in to college life so well already!

To find out more about blocks, please go to the blocks section.

The postal address is the same for all Cartmel College residents. You do not need to give out your house and room number, except if you are purchasing a service such as a TV License or insurance product, where the company will need to know this information. The postal address is as follows:

Cartmel College,
Lancaster University,

More information about mail collection is available on the college facilities page.

Cartmel room

Above is a photo of a normal room in Cartmel. The vast majority of the accommodation available is very similar to this example.

In your room you will be provided with:

  • Bed and mattress
  • Large built-in study desk with over-head lighting
  • Noticeboard
  • Chair
  • Data point (WiFi is also available in all accommodation)
  • Waste bin
  • Set of drawers
  • Shelving
  • Wardrobe with full-length mirror on inside of door
  • Curtains
  • 6 power sockets (typically)

In your en-suite you will be provided with:

  • Toilet and toilet seat (obviously!)
  • Sink (again, obviously!)
  • Wet room shower and shower curtain
  • Mirror and shelf
  • Shaver power socket

If you have any specific questions about the accommodation, you can get in contact with our College and Residence Officer; Edwina Greenfield, who will be able to answer any accommodation related enquiries. Her contact information is on the SCR page.


The kitchen is a communal area which you will share with your flatmates. In Cartmel, Kitchens are typically shared by 8 individuals. In a small number of flats, 6 or 7 people will share the Kitchen. The kitchens are spacious and you will have at least three cupboards to call your own. The cupboards do not have locks. You will also have at least 1 shelf in the refrigerator and 1 draw in the freezer.

The kitchen will be equipped with:

  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Refrigerator x2
  • Freezer x2
  • Electric Hobs x2
  • Ovens x2
  • Table and enough chairs for the maximum capacity of your flat

There will also be two waste bins meant for kitchen waste only (all bedroom waste must be put in the bin stores by yourself). Black bin liners will be provided. There are also recycling bins. Whilst the cleaners clean your kitchen, they will not take away your rubbish. You as a flat must take on the responsibility to deposit this in the bin stores.


The cleaners will clean the flat hallway, as well as the kitchen. However, if the mess that is left is deemed unacceptable, the cleaner may well refuse to clean until the mess has been cleared. While yes, their job is to clean, it is not their job to have to do so when mess has been purposely created.

The cleaners will not take out kitchen waste or the recycling bins, you as a flat must do this yourselves. Cleaners will also not clean your bedroom or en-suite.

Keep on the good side of the cleaners, it makes life an awful lot easier!

When you do feel the need for a bit of cleaning, in the hallway cupboard there is:

  • Hoover
  • Iron
  • Ironing board

And in the kitchen there should also be:

  • Mop
  • Dustpan and brush

Blocks map

The above map shows all of the houses which make up Cartmel’s on campus accommodation. Houses 55, 56, 50, 51, 47 and 48 share views across the countryside and surrounding area. Houses 54, 53 and 52 are closest to the route through Graduate College that leads to main campus. Houses 46 and 49 are within closest staggering distance from the Bar and Barker House Farm.