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College Facilities

Extrav - barThe Bar is run by Jason, and hires students from Cartmel as assistant bar staff.  The Bar also has another name, The Winning Post – derived from the College’s association with the village of Cartmel in Cumbria known for its rather rustic race course. It is also known for a rather beautiful priory.

Cartmel Bar is relatively new, built around Barker House Farm, a building dating from the 17th century. The Bar actually comprises of a split serving area with 2 actual bars.  The area also has a projector fitted for the viewing of sporting events, music entertainment and other activities. It of course boasts the best bar staff on campus!

The Junior Common Room, or the JCR as it is more commonly called, adjoins the bar and is where all the pool tables, games machines and the dart board is housed. The JCR also contains sofas to relax on during the day, and a DJ booth and dance floor that can be used during socials.

Food courtThe Food court isn’t actually run by the College, it is run by the University’s Hospitality and Catering department, however it is located just outside of our bar, and shares many of the same customers. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so at any time of the day, if you can’t be bothered to cook, you can go along and pick up something to eat. Everything can be either eaten in, or taken away. You can also pay termly or yearly to become a catered student.

These are located on the two floors of what was the old farmhouse and provide a working environment for those members of the College who do not have a room on campus, or a computer in their room. The computers have all the software you should need to do your work, as well as being on the University network, and with a printer available to use.

Mail collectionThe postal address is the same for all Cartmel College residents:

Cartmel College,
Alexandra Park,
Lancaster University,

Deliveries of mail are sorted and placed in the pigeon holes within the Porter’s Lodge. You will share a mailbox with everyone whose surname begins with the same letter as yours! For this reason, if you are expecting something particularly important to be delivered, it may be a good idea to ask the sender to use recorded delivery. If the porters receive a parcel, or mail which requires a signature, they will hold onto it until you personally collect it, with photographic identification.

Every block has a telephone, which is located on the bottom floor by the exit.

All Cartmel rooms have wi-fi and are also equipped with a network point enabling students to get access to the University network using their own computers. You will be invited to a session where you will be able to pick up your username and password information, and a data cable. Check out the Information Systems Services (ISS) website for more information: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/iss/network/resnet/

Purchase a laundry card from the card machine within the laundrette and top it up online with My Circuit, you will then get a special code. Put your card into the top-up machine in the laundrette and type in the code and your card will then be topped up. Please be aware that you have 14 days to top up your card before the code becomes defunct and you lose your money. Happy washing!