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The College, like all the Colleges, is established under the Statutes of the University. Internally, the key committees which run the College are College Council, College Management and College Syndicate. The College Management is an informal committee of College Officers which meets in alternate weeks during term-time to keep abreast of day-to-day matters to do with the running of the College.

College Council, which also meets in alternate weeks (alternating with College Management), consists of College Officers and the JCR and is, essentially, the body which governs the College.

College Syndicate meets much less often and consists of all senior members of the College and JCR representatives. Its main responsibility is to decide matters of major policy affecting the College. The College is represented, by the Principal, on Senate, as is the JCR through various student representative bodies.

College affairs come under a Pro Vice Chancellor of Colleges, who oversees the general conduct of the Colleges, including the appointment of College Officers, the setting of budgets and so on, and who reports directly to the senior management of the University.