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About Us



Laura Trotter

I’m Laura, a second year History & Politics student, and I’m your President! As President, my responsibility is to oversee the JCR Exec officers in their roles and to represent Cartmel students on various meetings, like LUSU Council. My biggest and probably most important task as President will be to organise Cartmel College Freshers’ Week 2015 and make it as exciting as possible for new students. I also help in the co-ordination of our annual sporting competition – The Patriots’ Cup – against Furness and get to enjoy Cartmel’s victory at the end of it. Other than that, I generally help out other Exec members in their roles if they need me. If you have any questions about anything Cartmel related, just email me or drop me a message on Facebook, you could even tweet me if you’re into that @lauratrotter18.

E: l.trotter@lancaster.ac.uk


Vice President: Education & Welfare

Michael Payne-McGlen

Hi, I’m Michael, a second year Physics student, and I’m your Vice President: Education & Welfare. For those that don’t know me or who aren’t friends with me on Facebook, you may not know that I went to Uganda this summer. It is my responsibility to oversee the welfare team and help organise South West Big Chill, as well as organise Fresher Reps for Freshers’ Week 2015. I can’t wait to see you all at events! If you see me around, say hello – I don’t bite.

E: m.payne-mcglen@lancaster.ac.uk

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Vice President: Socials & Events

Helena TendeDez

I’m your VP: Socials! I’m a second year Computer Science student. I will be organising your end of year Extrav, making it my own personal mission to make it one of your best university social experiences. Asides from that I plan the termly General Meeting to keep you involved in what is happening in the college. I also help the social secretaries plan and organise events. I have a load of less exciting responsibilities too, but I won’t bore you. Feel free to catch me in person and I’ll tell you all about them. See you around!

E: h.tendedez@lancaster.ac.uk

Democracy and Finance Officer

Dan Coggan

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Hey guys, I’m Dan your Democracy and Finance Officer. I’m a second year Chemistry student. Enforcing democracy is what I do best. I handle Cartmel’s finances and help to organise elections on campus and in the college. I also take the minutes of our weekly JCR meetings and chair events like Cartmel JCR Hustings. I am pumped full of Democracy & Finance. Come on Cartmel!

E: d.coggan@lancaster.ac.uk

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Men’s Welfare Officer

Michael Payne-McGlen

Hey, I’m Craig. I’m a first year Film Studies student and most of the time you’ll find me half asleep in lectures or locked in my room watching American Horror Story. In between those times however, I’ll am Cartmel’s Men’s Welfare Officer. This means I be organising welfare events and campaigns along with the rest of the welfare team! If you ever need a chat about something or just want some condoms feel free to get on touch!

E: c.lomas@lancaster.ac.uk

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Women’s Welfare Officer

Anna Morgan

Hey Cartmel! I am Anna, a second year Law student and the Women’s Welfare Officer. I will be here to help with any issues you may have or to have a general chat with if you want a friendly face to speak to, no problem is too big or too small, so feel free to contact me whenever! 🙂

E: a.morgan6@lancaster.ac.uk

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International Officer

Anouck Sauer

My name is Anouck and I’m Cartmel’s international officer. I’m a first year English Literature student from Luxembourg. I want to use my position to motivate international students to get more involved in college life. Contact me if you need any help settling in (I know the struggle) or if you want to get involved!

E: a.sauer@lancaster.ac.uk

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Social Secretary

Neha Garg

I’m Neha and I’m one of your social secretaries for 2015! I’m a first year studying Economics with a minor in Spanish. I will be working with Olwen to help organise socials and events for Cartmel and hopefully make it a great year for everyone! I look forward to getting more involved with the college in the next year.

E: n.garg@lancaster.ac.uk

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Social Secretary

Olwen Woosnam

Hi everyone! I’m Olwen and I’m one of your Social Secs for 2015. I’m a second year Chemical Engineering student. Together with Neha, I organise the social calendar and we put on events that we think Cartmel will enjoy. If you ever want to talk, or give either of us an idea for a social, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

E: o.woosnam@lancaster.ac.uk

Jonthan Eldridge

Men’s Sports Officer

Jonthan Eldridge

Hi, I’m Jonathan and I’m one of your sports reps! We help organise Carter Shield and organise The Patriots’ Cup, a competition between Cartmel and Furness (which we usually win!). I’m also captain of Cartmel Football A Team We hope to see many new faces this year, remember you might surprise yourself and find you have a secret sporting gift!

E: j.eldridge@lancaster.ac.uk

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Women’s Sports Officer

Beth Fletcher

My name’s Beth and I’m Cartmel Women’s sports officer. I love all things sporty and I’m in charge of organising Patriots and Carter Shield, which happens 4 times a term. Please feel free to message me about anything from sports training times to joining a team for either college or university. I’m always happy to chat either over coffee or a pint.

E: b.fletcher@lancaster.ac.uk

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Events Technician

Simon Bentley

Hi I’m Simon. It is my job to manage all the audiovisual and staging equipment that the college uses, keep check of the kit we own and hire more in if necessary. I get involved with all the in-house events providing the equipment needed and working with guests to help them perform.

E: s.bentley@lancaster.ac.uk

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Communications Officer

Tim Ferrier

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Timothy, Timmy, Tim – whatever you want it to be and I am quite exhilarated to be on the JCR. I have the most exciting job on campus – Cartmel Communications Officer. I will do everything possible to inform you at least three days prior about events and what’s going on in Cartmel in any manner possible.

E: t.ferrier@lancaster.ac.uk

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Communications Officer

Michael Drakard

My name is Michael; I’m a second year Peace Studies & IR student and my job as Communications Officer is to make sure you hear about all things Cartmel. I make posters and shout things as loud as possible to make sure you know what’s going on, just in time for you to make plans.

E: m.drakard@lancaster.ac.uk

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Magazine Editor

Leo Lerner

I’m the current editor of the Cartmel College magazine ‘Griffin’, reading Geography and Biological Science in my first year. I represent the college in weekly darts fixtures, but you’ll also see me playing in brass band or tearing round the Lancashire countryside on my bike. For suggestions or submissions, please contact me by email or on twitter @lernerlion

E: leo.lerner96@gmail.com