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The Griffin

The Griffin is a twice-termly college magazine that is created by the JCR Magazine Editor. This is on top of The Weekly Griffin, that provides weekly updates for Cartmelians.

We would love for Cartmel students to get involved. If you are interested in journalism, photography or just simply want to dip in and have your say, contact the Magazine Editor, contact details are on the JCR page!

The Stansfield Botched Revolution

Lent 2014 Edition 1 (PDF, Big)

Lent 2014 Edition 2 – Patriots (PDF, Not Quite As Big)

The Everitt/Stansfield One Time Thang

Freshers’ Week Edition 2013 (PDF,  3.21MB)

The Dunn Era

1st Edition Summer Term 2013 (PDF, 3.03MB)

Patriots’ Cup Edition 2013 (PDF, 997KB)