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Arrivals Day

  • Arrivals Day is Saturday 27th September.  You can collect your keys from 10am. We recommend that you arrive no later than 4pm so you can get settled in before the orientation talk at 5.30pm.
  • Cartmel is located on Alexandra Park. Follow the signs for Alexandra Park. Campus parking restrictions will not be enforced on Arrivals Day.
  • Orientation is at 5.30pm and is essential. We will also be providing a small evening meal for all new Freshers.

When You Arrive

You will be invited to book your time of arrival by the accommodation office, this is just for their guidance – you don’t need to stick to the time you choose. Do not worry about where you park your car for moving in day (usually, visitors have to park in designated visitor parking). Please make your way to Barker House Farm. There are sign posts around to direct you, but if you are lost, ask someone! There will be plenty of college representatives around to offer assistance.

Within Barker House Farm you will be given information about Freshers’ Week, your welcome pack, personal advisor information and your set of keys. A rep will then take you to your room and help you move in! Don’t feel guilty about making them carry lots of things- this is what they are there to do!

Once you know where your room is, feel free to re-park your car closer. There is nothing worse than having to drag around heavy luggage!

In your flat there should be an individual inventory for your room and an inventory for the kitchen. In these inventories you must describe the current state of your bedroom and kitchen, with anything that comes broken or faulty. This means that at the end of the year you will not get money deducted off of  your accommodation deposit for repair work. The inventories should be handed in a few days after arrival, so don’t panic!


Make sure to say your goodbyes if you were lucky enough to have arrived at Lancaster University with someone else! It may be important to note parents/guardians, that it is best not to hang around for too long. The longer you stay, the harder it may be for your child to adjust.

Ingrain your block, flat, and room number into your brain! This is especially important, as on the set of keys you are given, there is a key ring that has this information on. While this may be useful, it is important that you take this off (make sure to keep it safe as it has to be returned with your set of keys at the end of the year), as if you lose your keys, whoever finds them will know exactly where to break in to!

And lastly, have an amazing Freshers’ Week!