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Fresher Reps

Fresher Reps are 2nd, 3rd and 4th years who help you as Freshers settle in to Lancaster University and Cartmel College. You will also have Block Reps, which are a member of the JCR Exec, who oversee the goings on in each block of accommodation. On top of that, there are House Reps, which are 2nd, 3rd and 4th years who can take over Block Rep duties when the JCR Exec are unavailable. They all provide a friendly, experienced face and a point of contact for you in the first week if you should have any questions about any facet of university life.

Each flat has their own Fresher Rep and they will pop in everyday in Fresher Week to check how people are in the flat and make sure you are settling in ok. Don’t feel like the Fresher Rep is some form of Prefect system like you had at school, these are students who were in your position when they first arrived and so they know exactly how you feel and so treat them more as a friend.
The whole point of Fresher Reps is that they will encourage you to mix and to chat to anyone, to get you involved in college life and make sure that you don’t just stay in your room!

Throughout the summer term the Fresher Reps have filled out application forms and been to interviews and attended training session in preparation for you arriving, so only the best have been chosen to make your Freshers’ Week as good as it possibly can be, so you don’t miss a single moment! You’ll first identify them from their burgundy t-shirts, so you don’t have to look far for someone in the know!

Also, please do tell your parents about them as well. It seems weird at first, but I know many parents, including my own, have felt better about Freshers’ Week due to the Fresher Reps being around. The knowledge that there is someone who provides safety and is personally looking out for their child is a good assurance for parents worried about how their child is coping.