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Here at Cartmel, there are loads of fantastic opportunities to get involved with sports. Whether you’re particularly experienced at a particular sport, or a complete beginner who doesn’t think yourself the sporting type, you can be sure that there will be something for you! For more information about anything sports-related, you can contact your Sports Reps, whose contact details are on the JCR Exec page.

Sporting Events

Carter Shield
The Patriots’ Cup

Inter-College Leagues

Cartmel College competes in many inter-college leagues. In this format the college selects a team at the beginning of the year that play all the other colleges throughout the year. These teams are a great opportunity to meet new people and become a central part of Cartmel College. Sports that are played at an inter-college level are:

Mens’ Pool
Womens’ Pool
Mens’ Darts
Womens’ Darts
Mens’ Football
Womens’ Netball