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Mens’ Darts

The Cartmel Mens’ Darts team comprises of normally around Twelve players.

We play on the Monday of each week from week 2 to week 20, likewise with matches normally starting around 7 pm and last till around 10pm.

We play twice against the other eight colleges in the league and each week a night consists of 9 individual games.  These start form 501 best of 3 legs (its sounds complicated but that’s because we are completely useless at explain things) .

Darts itself is easy to get into and we would strongly encourage people to give it ago, there are no tryouts as such and everyone will get a game at some point in the season, we just aim to have a good time and to play within the spirit of the game. For those who play darts on a Monday night there would also be a chance to play for Cartmel Dominoes team.

There is no training as such for darts as people normally go and play in their own time, we realise people have busy schedules and may not always be able to commit to training sessions, all we ask is that you are free Monday evenings.

The last thing we will say is that NO TALENT IS REQUIRED! You don’t have to be Phil Taylor, or have any darts experience what so ever, it’s just a fun activity to do and something that will help you meet many new people whilst also having a great time.

Want more information? Contact your Male Sports Rep. Contact details can be found on the JCR Exec page.