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Mens’ Pool

Cartmel Mens’ pool is played on a Thursday night from 7pm until around 9pm.

We both have an A team and a B team, each of which consists of 9 players. Each week everyone plays one frame, each win adding a point to the team and the overall win adding an extra two points.

You don’t have to had pool experience before, just turn up, have a laugh, have a few drinks and see if you like it. Look out for details on a pool taster session and trials coming up in Freshers’ Week.


Just a quick message from Tom (Fod) Needham, your A team captain.

First and foremost, being part of Cartmel Men’s Pool A Team is a fantastic laugh, and with any luck you’ll end up with a ridiculous nickname like me. We practice once weekly which often leads to nights out. It really is a fantastic way to meet mates that will stay with you throughout university.

Secondly, it offers a great distraction from coursework. You’d be amazed how much you can improve just by playing each week. I started off in first year as a B team and now find myself A team captain.

I went to trials because I had played pool with a mate a few times over a couple of years before uni. I’m talking once every couple of months. By the end of second year, I was actively looking forward to game night. Even if you don’t rate yourself as a great player, you’ll be surprised at just how good you could become.

So if you’re looking for a great way to spend one or two nights a week in a relaxed atmosphere with 8 mates and a beer, come down to the trials. There’s no clique, snobbery, or anything like that. Everyone shares the common goal of having a good time and (hopefully) winning a few games of pool!


Hi, I’m Michael Payne-McGlen. I’m a second year physics student and I’m the captain of the Men’s Pool B team.

I was on the team last year and it was the best thing I was a part of so I’m looking forward to working to make an even better experience this year, for me and for the rest of the Bs.

Want more information? Contact your Male Sports Rep. Contact details can be found on the JCR Exec page.