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The Patriots’ Cup 2011

Patriots’ Cup, the ultimate competition of Sporting excellence, team spirit and some good old fashioned college banter! The Furness Bears attempted to take the trophy off the undefeated Griffins in the epitome of college competition that is the long standing battle Cartmel and Furness! After a hugely enjoyable day filled with camaraderie and friendly (ish) competition, the result was 116 points each, an unexpected but successful result, showing how committed each college really was to the competition.

The day kicked off in our favour with both the Men’s ‘A’ and ‘B’  Football team beating our rival with the ‘B’ team’s match ending with a penalty shoot-out where Furness managed to miss the target not once, but three times, perhaps it was the chap in the bear costume taking them. Yet the Panda’s managed to scramble their way back into the contest in Ultimate Frisbee winning 17-7 and in a dramatic game of wait for it…Rounders, which was nail bitingly close, with the final result  having just a 2.5 difference.

The Cartmel girls did us proud with the Netball ‘B’ team winning 27-15, a special mention must go to Natalia Weglarz who showcased some impressive shooting skills. Whilst the ‘A’ team weren’t as successful as their ‘B’ counterparts all the girls played excellently. However we can’t quite same for tug of war, the team mostly consisting of the JCR and Salam Rukshar whose unfaltering dedication really must be applauded! After sliding ten feet with Furness’ first tug, it was apparent letting go of the rope would be a far more productive way to spend the time, and indeed far more hilarious!

As the afternoon moved to the Sports Hall, Furness somehow managed to win Table Tennis and Dodgeball, a special mention must go to Jess and Bre for taking many a hit n the name of the Griffin in the latter game. Up next was a ridiculously tense Badminton match where a sly hit from Wendy in the mixed double brought the play back to even for much of the game, ending in a sneaky win for the Pandas. The Squash match (which saw Beedie take on a University A team player in spectacular fashion) gave Furness a narrow lead,  but Cartmeilans never give up and we triumphed 2-0 in Volleyball before an unbelievably tight and rather rowdy game of basketball. This saw Cartmel dominate much of the match, despite neither side initially getting the ball through the hoop, much to the frustration of the crowd, however our boys (and a very brave Natalia) turned it around and we won 5-4.

The bar sports would decide who would ultimately be victorious and many congratulations to Cartmel Men’s Pool team who won 8-1, gaining some hugely welcomed points. Ema Brenna secured our 4-2 victory in Women’s Pool and with further success in dominoes, the Griffins were starting to come out on top. We also showcased how we were the more intelligent (as well as sporty) college, storming to victory in the quiz which was beautifully compared by Joel! The bizarre and somewhat gross chilli eating must be mentioned, coming to an early end leaving us with three men left standing to Furness’ one after balancing Pizzata’s tabasco sauce (having ran out of chilli’s, nice one Furness) on one’s tongue became a little tiresome!

The competition drew well into the night leading to some of the main excitement of the day, somewhat ironically it was at the darts matches, with both the Men’s and Women’s coming down to nerve wracking deciders. With the crowd spurring them on as they threw their weapons at Trev’s rusty dartboard, our women finished 4-3 with our men just missing out as their game finished 5-4 to Furness.

Despite enthusiastic attempts in both the boat race, (which is actually nothing to do with a boat and about alcohol:, well isn’t everything) and the President/Vice President three legged race, we didn’t secure any points in these one. However our Men’s Pool team won 5-4 in an extremely tense decider, won brilliantly by Danny Connely meaning it would all to come down to darts with just one successful game needed to take either college to victory. The Griffins rose to the challenge in true majestic style and truly thrived under the pressure when it became up to Matt Dawson and Jess Horsfield to take us to victory. With nerves of steel, Cartmel seized their chance as Matt hit both doubles causing an eruption  of jubilant glee from the bouncing Cartmelinas, ending the competition as a draw. Our female Sports Secretary, Bre Caren, noted how supportive and enthusiastic everyone was and commended Cartmel’s brilliant effort. ‘Despite it being the first Patriot’s Cup for many of us, myself included, everyone really enjoyed it. The boat race and tug of war were so funny but the whole day was great. There must be a special mention to Benjamin Radley for his efforts on the Squash court and a huge thanks to all who participated, there’s everything to play for next year Cartmel!’ Patriot’s Cup 2011 will certainly be one that goes down in history, congratulations Cartmelians, you did the Griffin proud!