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Womens’ Darts

Fancy playing some Darts?

Cartmel ladies Darts team takes part in the George Wyatt cup every Tuesday night at 7pm.

There are seven players on each team, although it’s even if it’s better if we have some extra players! We each play best of 3, starting at 301 against a girl from another college and whichever team wins the most of these wins overall.

You don’t need to be brilliant at darts to play, you just need to be enthusiastic and up for some fun! We would rather have someone who can’t hit the board but is willing to have fun with the team than someone who can hit eight 180s in a row but looks down their nose at everyone!

We go on some brilliant socials and are always looking for some new team members!

Want more information? Contact your Female Sports Rep. Contact details can be found on the JCR Exec page.