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Womens’ Pool

Women’s Inter-College Pool is played on Mondays from 7pm as part of the George Wyatt Cup.

Each college selects 9 of their team mates to play one game (a frame) each. For each win, the team get a point and the college that win the most out of 9 gain an extra 2 points.

You also get the chance to play in The Patriots’ Cup at the end of the year!

Cartmel is looking for new members who want to join our friendly team, play some pool and have a few drinks.

No experience is necessary as we’ll teach you everything you need to know! It’s a great way to meet new people and become involved in your college.

As winning is a group effort, the entire team supports and encourages you throughout every game. So if you’re interested , come along to meet the team and have a few games on Wednesday 2nd October in the JCR at 1:30pm!

Want more information? Contact your Female Sports Rep. Contact details can be found on the JCR Exec page